Unity in the City: Raleigh's Most Vibrant Pride Bar Crawls
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Unity in the City: Raleigh’s Most Vibrant Pride Bar Crawls

Every year during Pride Month, tons of events take place, allowing you to make the most of June while celebrating diversity and enjoying yourself. While the parades are the typical stop for most people, you can also attend a Pride bar crawl so that you can immerse yourself a bit more in LGBTQ+ culture and explore the nightlife of the area.

The Detroit gay bar crawl is held every year and is a complete success. However, if you’re from the Raleigh area and would like to attend one of these pub crawls, this is your lucky day.

Let’s look at some of the best pride bar crawls you can sign up for in Raleigh in 2024. No matter your choice, tons of fun and drinks and more than assured.

Pride Bar Crawls in Raleigh that You Don’t Want to Miss

Bar Crawl LIVE

Bar Crawl LIVE has been hosting Pride Month bar crawls for several years, and they’re always a huge success.

As an attendee, you will be able to enjoy tons of perks, including exclusive deals and discounts at the locations designated for a visit, as well as special drinks that will only be available for those who signed up for the bar crawl. The company is making an effort to ensure that every attendee feels special throughout the event.

This event will take place on June 22, meaning that you still have plenty of time to purchase your tickets and secure your spot. You will receive an email indicating all the places you will visit a few days prior to the event.

Furthermore, if you still feel like partying after the event is over, Bar Crawl LIVE also offers an after-party option for those who want to keep the fun alive for a bit longer.

Crawl with Us

Another good choice you can make if you’re looking forward to celebrating Pride Month by attending a bar crawl is from Crawl with Us. After almost a decade of event-hosting, you can expect this bar crawl to help you discover some of the best clubs and hidden gems of Raleigh.

Crawl with Us is available in all corners of the United States, making it possible for people from several locations to enjoy a pride-themed bar crawl along with their peers and new people.

If you check in early, you will get special perks, such as a party cup or a bottle opener. As with any other bar crawl, you will also have access to exclusive drinks and discounts to make the whole experience a bit more memorable.

An after-party is also available, and it will take place immediately after the main event ends. Like the previous option, this one will also take place on June 22. Be sure to choose wisely!

Pub Crawls

Pub Crawls is another company that holds pub crawls and similar events all throughout the USA. If you’re looking forward to celebrating pride month and partying as much as you can – it will be summer after all – you can also sign up for this experience.

It is one of the most successful Pride-themed pub crawls in Raleigh, with more than 181.2k attendees hosted over the years. The company offers an early bird discount for those who purchase their tickets in advance.

The event will last six hours and include visits to some of Raleigh’s best bars. Check-in starts at 5 PM and finishes at 7 PM. Upon arriving at the designated meet spot, you will receive a wristband that indicates you’re participating in this bar crawl. The wristband will also allow you access to all the perks that come with the package, such as discounts or exclusive drinks.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking forward to celebrating Pride in the best way possible, signing up for a Pride bar crawl might be an excellent idea, especially if you’re an extrovert who loves to dance and meet new people.

You will enjoy live performances by drag queens, musicians, and other entertainers. While drinks are a big part of the experience, you will also be able to take part in LGBTQ+ culture and learn more about how queer people like to have fun.

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