Mauga Counter Picks and Strategies in Overwatch 2
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Unveiling the Best Mauga Counter Picks and Strategies in Overwatch 2

If you’re seeking top-notch Mauga counter picks and tips for Overwatch 2, your search ends here! Let’s delve into it. Mauga, the newest Tank in Overwatch, wields massive firepower, reminiscent of the iconic mini-guns from Team Fortress 2.

Despite recent nerfs, Mauga maintains an impressive 58 percent win rate, indicating the need for a better understanding of Mauga Counter Pick and strategies in Overwatch 2.

So, let’s address that gap. Get ready to learn when to engage with his firepower, when to utilize Overrun effectively, and why navigating the Mauga counter picks mirror match can be challenging.

Even with the recent nerfs, Mauga remains a formidable force, boasting the highest potential direct damage output in the game. His ability to ignite enemies and land critical hits makes him particularly daunting for low-health Support heroes. Therefore, if you’re looking for effective Mauga counter picks, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

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Leveraging Crowd Control: Ana’s Advantage

It’s an obvious strategy, but one that remains effective: utilizing heroes with superior crowd control abilities to counter Mauga’s relentless aggression. Among them, Ana emerges as a standout choice, boasting the best crowd-control toolkit in the game.

Mauga’s vulnerability to crowd control stems from his imposing size and lengthy reload times. When he’s not actively engaged in combat—whether shooting or charging forward—Mauga becomes particularly susceptible to being immobilized or disrupted by crowd control effects.

Ana’s arsenal of abilities proves particularly devastating against Mauga. By carefully timing her sleep dart or anti-healing grenades, Ana can neutralize Mauga’s offensive capabilities with surgical precision. Catching Mauga off guard during reloads or when he’s locked in a cage match can quickly turn the tide of battle in favor of Ana’s team.

However, success with Ana against Mauga hinges on more than just skillful ability usage. It requires strategic cooldown management and a keen awareness of Mauga’s movements and actions. With the right timing and coordination, Ana has the potential to single-handedly derail Mauga’s plans and tip the scales of the match in her team’s favor.

Mauga Counter Picks and Strategies in Overwatch 2

Sigma: The Shielding Bulwark:

When it comes to Mauga counter picks, Sigma emerges as the prime choice, offering a blend of poking and shielding capabilities. Among all the shielding and absorbing Heroes, Sigma stands out as the most dominant. Zarya can also serve as an alternative option, but players must exercise caution with her Bubble cooldowns.

Sigma’s ability to effectively manage cooldowns allows him to exert pressure on Mauga counter picks, potentially forcing them off the objective. However, Sigma is vulnerable to the tactic of Mauga counter picks ignoring him and targeting the backline instead. This dynamic underscores the need for strategic awareness and adaptability when countering Mauga in Overwatch 2.

Widowmaker: Precision Strikes

In the world of Overwatch 2, countering Mauga requires precision and strategy. Widowmaker emerges as a potent counterpick, thanks to Mauga’s sizable hitbox. With her unmatched accuracy and long-range capabilities, Widowmaker finally finds a Tank in the meta that she can effectively neutralize.

Leveraging Mauga’s Hitbox

The most effective Mauga counter picks in Overwatch 2 capitalize on his large hitbox. Widowmaker, in particular, can exploit this weakness, as mauga counter pick lacks tools to deter or poke at her from a distance. To withstand a skilled Widowmaker, mauga counter pick requires substantial team support, highlighting the importance of coordinated efforts in confronting this sharpshooter.

Avoiding the Mirror Match Trap:

Engaging in a Mauga mirror match proves to be a grueling and unproductive endeavor. The battle becomes a futile contest of attrition, with both teams pouring resources into their respective mauga counter pick. Success hinges on which team can better coordinate their efforts, rather than engaging in a head-on clash.

Mauga Counter Picks and Strategies in Overwatch 2

Strategic Adaptation:

Rather than succumbing to the temptation of a direct confrontation, smart Overwatch players focus on the objective. Overrun, mauga counter pick’s ability for surprising backliners, can be effectively countered by maintaining distance and avoiding unnecessary engagements. Instead, players should prioritize disrupting the enemy team’s support line, creating openings for their team to capitalize on.


While Mauga counter picks may present a formidable challenge, they are not insurmountable. Through careful strategy and the right hero selections, such as Ana for crowd control, Sigma for shielding, and Widowmaker for precision strikes, mauga counter pick’s dominance can be effectively neutralized. By steering clear of the mirror match trap and staying focused on the objective, victory can be achieved even against overwhelming firepower.

FAQs About mauga counter pick:

1. What are the best Mauga counter picks in Overwatch 2?

The best Mauga counter picks in Overwatch 2 include heroes like Ana, Sigma, and Widowmaker. Ana’s crowd control abilities, Sigma’s shielding, and Widowmaker’s precision shots can effectively neutralize Mauga’s threats on the battlefield.

2. How can Ana mauga counter pick effectively?

Ana can counter Mauga effectively by utilizing her sleep dart to immobilize him during reloads or anti-healing him during crucial engagements. Proper cooldown management and awareness of Mauga’s actions are key to Ana’s success against him.

3. Why is the Mauga mirror match considered challenging?

The Mauga mirror match is challenging because it often devolves into a battle of attrition where both teams focus solely on their respective Maugas. This can lead to a stalemate situation and a lack of progress towards the objective.

4. What strategy should be employed to win the Mauga mirror match?

To win the Mauga mirror match, teams should avoid engaging in direct confrontations and instead focus on disrupting the enemy team’s support line. Utilizing abilities like Overrun to surprise backliners can create openings for advantageous engagements.

5. How can players effectively counter Mauga’s high damage output?

Players can effectively counter Mauga’s high damage output by utilizing heroes with crowd control abilities, such as Ana and Sigma, to disrupt his actions and mitigate his impact on the battlefield. Additionally, maintaining awareness of Mauga’s positioning and coordinating with teammates can help in neutralizing his threats effectively.

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